ChangefulCase for iPhone (32)
ChangefulCase for Samsung (15)
PTU Power Bank (7)
PTC Car Charger (4)
PTB-4 Battery Pack (2)
PTB-4 Color Power Series (2)
Projector (4)
EC Emergency Charger (2)
OEM / ODM (1)
Generic (1)
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Incorporated in 1984 , we are consistently delivering technologically sophisticated products of high quality and low cost manufacturing to customers .

We are closely linked with outstanding clients like OEM / ODM partners , PC assemblers and hardware distributors all over the world by providing Telecom, Computer and Multimedia products, such as Philips, DLO, and Clas Ohlson etc………….

Products including Pico Projector, FM Transmitter and Car Charger for iPhone / iPod, Docking and Audio remote control for Mobile phone, Graphics Cards and I/O control for Computer etc……
  Product code:OEM / ODM
Product Name:OEM / ODM Products
 Results: 1-1 of 1  

Power Bank

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